Corporate Social Responsiblity at MIGUA

Corporate Social Responsibility

MIGUA is one of Europe's leading suppliers for the construction, production and installation of expansion joint covers. As an international, medium-sized company, we feel the need to take over responsibility for the society and the environment within our means. To do so, MIGUA gets involved in 3 areas:

  1. We support the fight against poverty on an international scale
  2. We promote charitable projects in our immediate neighborhood
  3. We contribute to ecological projects that are mainly aimed at preserving the forest

MIGUA is part of the OXFAM network 'Entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs'

Since May 1st, 2015, MIGUA has joined the network "Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs". This initiative founded by Oxfam for small and medium enterprises supports people in poor countries to start their own small businesses.

One third of the world's population lives in poverty. Oxfam, one of the most influential international development organizations finds practical, innovative ways to change this: together with local partner organizations they support local people to start improving their lives with their own means.

Markus Schaub, Managing Director of MIGUA Expansion Joint Systems explains "Entrepreneurship has the strength to overcome poverty sustainably. With their own small businesess, people can free themselves from poverty and live a life of independence and dignity. With the money they earn they can provide for their families, send their children to school and pay for medicine and medical care. Surpluses are reinvest in their businesses to create new jobs in order to give more people the chance for a better future. All this is supported by the members of "Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs" in order to contribute to a fairer and better world. '

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MIGUA supports the children and juvenile hospice foundation Bergisches Land

On June, 30th, 2015, MIGUA has pledged support to the Children and Juvenile Hospice Foundation Bergisches Land in Wuppertal (Germany). MIGUA now belongs to the circle of sponsors who will donate on a long-term, reliable basis for this valuable institution. Here, terminally ill children and juveniles are being cared for lovingly and competently on their last journey. Moreover, parents and siblings are being provided with assistance and support, starting from the moment of the diagnosis.

A cornerstone of the work is the intensive, specialized and highly competent temporary care that both affected minors and their families can benefit from. In addition, this includes a variety of diverse and cheerful activities that are accompanied by professionals. The focus is on making sure that all the affected children and juveniles can participate in the common life with their family members as long as ever possible. Finally, the hands-on support of the familiy members with respect to the dialogue with doctors, hospitals and authorities constitutes an important contribution to relieve the burden of the families affected.

We are grateful to be able to contribute to the admirable work being done here, in our immediate neighborhood.

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MIGUA is a member of the Community for the protection of the German forest

MIGUA's membership in the Community for the protection of the German forest (SDW) forms the third cornerstone of the social responsibility of the company. 'The forest is one of the most precious treasures that we have in the world.To protect the forest and to inspire people to save our environment, is a task that motivates us every day. For more than 60 years by now!' is one of the central statements of the SDW. But SDW does not only focus on the protection of the forest, one of its main targets is to strengthen environmental awareness.

As a manufacturer, MIGUA has set itself the target to meet its responsibility for protecting the environment. Therefore, a partnership with the Community for the protection of the German forest stands to reason. In excess of the mere financial contribution, the team of MIGUA employees will, with the help of the SDW, take over regular actions to protect the local forest.

'It's thrilling to get really active in our immediate neighborhood. Thus, environmental becomes a true experience. For our members of staff as well as for the local region. 'says Amin Saib, commercial manager at MIGUA, responsible for human resources.

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