migumax - WSP

Developed for extremely high movements


Visually appealing

The centre plate can be individually designed to match the adjacent surface. The design variation is practically infinite.

No visible fixing

Easy to install

The bar construction ensures easy installation of the centring system. The centre plate is assembled after finishings are completed, thus minimizing the risk of damage by other contract work sections.


No permanently elastic sealing required

Comes with plate in standard white. Any design is possible. Please contact us.

Standard version

Standard versionJoint width
max. [mm]
Visible Width
Width infill
Joint width
WSP 10010040 (±20)185 (+150/-35)6528047025
WSP 15015040 (±20)235 (+150/-85)6533052025
WSP 20020040 (±20)285 (+150/-135)6538057025
WSP 30030040 (±20)385 (+150/-235)6548067025
WSP 40040040 (±20)535 (+200/-335)6558077025
WSP 50050040 (±20)935 (+250/-435)6574093025

Joint width by the time of installation. Potential tolerance: ± 10 mm

Further joint widths available on demand.

Standard colour: Aluminium

Production length: 3 m

migumax - WSP

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