MIGUTAN FP(G) .../... NI XA Expansion Joint

For flexible waterproofing slurry / liquid membrane underneath ceramic tiles

FP(G) .../... NI XA

Striated stainless steel cappings ensures good skid resistance

100% watertight by max. pressure

Further development for liquid membranes/waterproofing slurry

Fibre fabric bonded sheets for excellent bonding properties

Central insert on top surface

Visual inspection and replacement without disrupting the surface

Official test certificates for watertightness available

Central insert with double-web to provide multilayered protection

Mounting brackets are made of high strength aluminium

High loads without any risk of rust

Standard version

Standard versionJoint width
max. [mm]
Visible Width
Joint width
Load bearing capacity
private cars
Load bearing capacity
lorris (DIN 1072)
Load bearing capacity
forklift trucks
acc. (DIN 1055)
Load bearing capacity
special vehicles
with solid plastic
FP 80/... NI XA4520 (±10)82
FPG 80/... NI XA4516 (±8)82
FP 90/... NI XA6040 (±20)95
FPG 90/... NI XA6020 (±10)95
FP 110/... NI XA7560 (±30)111
FPG 110/... NI XA7540 (±20)111
FP 130/... NI XA10090 (±45)133
FP 155/... NI XA120120 (±60)155

* For load capacity of the expansion joint cover, please refer to the corresponding joint with short AAS sheets. Necessary minimum thickness of the connected materials has to be taken into account.

Sealing against nonpressurized water.

The connection of our fibre fabric bonded MIGUTRIX-sheets to the flexible waterproofing slurry / liquid membrane has to be tested for each application.

* Fire resistance test does not apply to FP 130/… NI XA and FP 155/… NI XA

migutan - FP(G) .../... NI XA