MIGUTRANS FS 220 / FS 260 / FS 380 Expansion Joint

For floors with small installation heights

FS 220 / FS 260 / FS 380

Symmetrical visible surface has no gaps

avoids dirt accumulation

Striated surface

ensures good skid resistance

Extremely flat, fixing without arms

ideal for redevelopment, refurbishment, renovation

Articulated telescoping system

absorbs movement in 3 directions

Solid all-metal expansion joint

hard wearing, maintenance-free, long lasting

Standard version

Standard versionJoint width
max. [mm]
Joint width
Total width
Load bearing capacity
lorris (DIN 1072)
Load bearing capacity
forklift trucks
acc. (DIN 1055)
Load bearing capacity
special vehicles
with solid plastic
FS 220/206040 (±20)2202202160013015
FS 260/2010040 (±20)2602602160013015
FS 380/2021540 (±20)378378213007015

Production length: 3 m

Standard colour: Aluminium

We recommend fixing with Multi-Monti Stainless steel screws MMS F 7,5 x 95/30 ES (available ex stock), fixing distance: 200 mm.

migutrans - FS 220 / FS 260 / FS 380