MIGUA aujourd'hui

Innovation and customer service

Avec plus de 97 ans d'expérience dans le développement, la fabrication et la distribution de systèmes à joints, nous offrons à nos clients la compétence irremplaçable d'un partenaire qui sait exactement où il va. Le mariage entre cette longue expérience et le courage d'innover a seul pu faire de notre entreprise ce qu'elle est aujourd'hui : le numéro un des systèmes de profilés à joints en Allemagne. Une force dont nos clients bénéficient jour après jour.

MIGUA aujourd'hui


MIGUA to work international markets with own sales teams

2015 marks the beginning of MIGUA working on international markets with own sales teams. Starting with Poland where a team of 2 MIGUA experts is now marketing MIGUA expansion joints, MIGUA has now established the MIGUA Middle East F.Z.E. to offer the comprehensive range of high quality expansion joints to clients throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa.


Consistent internationalization

MIGUA continues to expand its activities abroad and, at the same time, supports its international partner companies in serving the MIGUA customers worldwide even more efficiently than before.


Expansion of the area innovation

New products which serve to fulfill our customer's requirements even better or intelligent services which offer a real added value to our customers - with expanding our innovation area, we make another important contribution to improve our performance. And thus we contribute to our customer's success.


MIGUA becomes an affiliated company of
INDUS Holding AG, Bergisch-Gladbach, Germany.

INDUS Holding makes long-term investments in successful, medium-sized manufacturing companies, so-called Hidden Champions, which occupy interesting niche markets and are leaders within their respective fields.


Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001


Sales to 32 countries in Europe

MIGUA continually expands its international presence since the Eighties. For this, competent and independent specialised companies are chosen that exclusively represent MIGUA in their country.


Research & development

Creation of a research and development department with specialised engineers.


Sales Germany

Development of a nationwide sales system in Germany with our own technical consultant in the field.


Patented joint systems

Concentration and specialisation on the construction suppliers industry with "contraction joint profiles". Subsequent development and production of patented profile systems.



In the year 1920 MIGUA Hammerschmidt GmbH was founded as technical trading house in Blankenburg in the Harz mountains in Germany.