MIGUTAN FP .../... APG + AP800 Expansion Joint

MIGUTAN with load-transferring cover plates

FP .../... APG + AP800


Solid stainless steel cover plates for various loads in different thicknesses


Stainless alloy 1.4301 Legierung. 1.4571 available on demand.


Available with various anti-slip surfaces on demand


Chamfered APG cover plates available on demand starting from a thickness of 4 mm


Cover plate FP(G) 80 FP(G) 90 FP(G) 110 FP130 FP155
APG 3 mm X X X X X
APG 4 mm X X X X X
APG 5 mm X X X X X
AP800 2,5 mm   X      
APS 3 mm X X X    
APS 4 mm X X X    
APS 5 mm X X X    

All APS cover plates for MIGUTAN FP 80 to FP 110 available in 4, 5 and 6 mm thickness (movement capability ± 10 mm).

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