MIGUTAN FP .../... NI APF Expansion Joint

Visually appealing design covers

FP .../... NI APF

Structural stainless steel cover plate with appealing visual appearance

good skid resistance acc. to official test certificate

Surface for special requirements

Caroplan, Oval-Matt, Sand, Cross hatch

Mounting brackets are made of high strength aluminium

High loads without any risk of rust

Massive stainless steel caps

Absolute tightness by maximum contact pressure

Standard version

Standard versionJoint width
max. [mm]
FP 80/... NI APF4520 (±10)
FPG 80/... NI APF4516 (±8)
FP 90/... NI APF6040 (±20)
FPG 90/... NI APF6020 (±10)
FP 110/... NI APF7560 (±30)
FPG 110/... NI APF7540 (±20)
FP 130/... NI APF10090 (±45)
FP 155/... NI APF120120 (±65)

For widths and heights as well as load capacity of the expansion joint cover, please refer to the corresponding technical data sheets of the very joint.

Available in different, officially tested anti-slip categories.

migutan - FP .../... NI APF

FP 90/45 NI KF APG