MIGUTRANS FSX 105 Expansion Joint

For heavy duty floors

FSX 105

New, improved design

Innovative layout of the line

Solid all-metal expansion joint

hard wearing, maintenance-free, long lasting

Striated surface

ensures good skid resistance

Articulated telescoping system with optimized movement control

absorbs movement in 3 directions, with improved shock absorbing elements

Punctured leg with MIGUA mounting matrix®

Provides optimal anchoring alternatives in the underground

Now available Anodized!

For perfect match with interior design. Different colours can be combined. Color-fast and light resistant.

Standard version

Standard versionJoint width
max. [mm]
Joint width
Total width
Load bearing capacity
lorris (DIN 1072)
Load bearing capacity
forklift trucks
acc. (DIN 1055)
Load bearing capacity
special vehicles
with solid plastic
FSX 105/22*7520 (±10)1052262260015015
FSX 105/307520 (±10)1052263060015015
FSX 105/507520 (±10)1052265060015015

* Minimum joint width 75 mm

Production length: 4 m

Standard colour: Aluminium, available in anodized version, too

Further installation heights on request.

Applicable for anodized expansion joint covers:
By anodizing the surface is hardened, but scratches can not be ruled out under mechanical stress of the profiles.
Slight color and / or gloss deviations between different batches or deliveries do not constitute a reason for complaint.
The processing is carried out in accordance with DIN 17611 and the Qualanod (Quality Label for Sulphuric Acid-Based Anodizing of Aluminium) regulations for the anodization of aluminum.
The expansion joint covers must be cleaned and maintained in accordance with the specifications of the Qualanod and the leaflet A5 of the aluminum center.
We are happy to advise you.

Standard colors based on EURAS color fans:
C 0 Nature  C 31 Light  C 32 Light bronze
Other colors on request.

migutrans - FSX 105