MIGUTRANS STS 100 Expansion Joint

For heavy duty floors

STS 100

Steel-/Stainless steel-Combination

for highest load capacity by pallet trucks, fork lift trucks, heavy lorries, special vehicles, etc.

Transportation free from vibration from a wheel width of 100 mm

suitable for transport of sensitive goods

Absorbs horizontal movement (transverse and parallel)

Not suitable for vertical movement

Standard version

Standard versionJoint width
max. [mm]
Visible Width
Joint width
Load bearing capacity
lorris (DIN 1072)
Load bearing capacity
forklift trucks
acc. (DIN 1055)
Load bearing capacity
special vehicles
with solid plastic
STS 100/30 ES3520 (±10)1021822960015075
STS 100/50 ES3520 (±10)1021824960015075
STS 100/60 ES3520 (±10)1021825960015075

Production length: 1,96 m

Material - Visible surface: stainless steel 304 or 316Ti
Underlying construction: black steel, galvanized steel or stainless steel (please specify while ordering).

Larger joint width or movement capacity or special heights on request.

Mounting distance: 300 mm

migutrans - STS 100