Find the best solution for your refurbishment with MIGUA expansion joint covers

Repairing building damages or energetic renovation – Renovating, modernisation or refurbishment belong to the challenges for planner, architects and builders.

MIGUA offers not only a wide range of products for all kinds of buildings demands, but also supports you with expert teams, which have decades of experience regarding economic and sustainable renovation. Special clip constructions for simple and quick mounting or advanced systems for subsequent installation - we always have the right solution for you.

With full service on request, starting from the site measuring up to the complete installation.

Renovation without removing the floor structure

You have a building part in which the floor structure (screed, stone, floor coverings) is not be be removed and the renovation is to be performed, if possible, without any building works and by preserving the existing structures?

For this purpose, MIGUA offers various solutions. Regarding this, we differentiate between expansion joint profiles for areas with normal pedestrian loads or, for example, sick beds (FN) or areas with heavy loads by pallet trucks and fork lifts (FSN).

In both cases, MIGUA expansion joint profiles are constructed in a way that makes it possible to insert the profile into the joint without any further damages to the adjacent covering, if the joint run is straight. It is important for choosing the right profile to know the joint movement (total movement in all three directions) and the expected load. Afterwards, the profiles are doweled in the adjacent area for the load transfer. We also offer required formed parts (terminations and intersections) on request.

Regarding the profiles for normal loads, MIGUA offers different variants, which can be connected directly to the adjacent floor covering such as PVC, linoleum or rubber, as well as carpet, up to the flexible insert of the profile. For the best possible functional, but also visually attractive solution.

For high hygienic demands, for example in kitchens and hospitals, we have developed special movement inserts. The construction of these profiles have been optimized first and foremost regarding its low installation height and easy traversability.
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Renovation with a new floor construction

You have a structural component for which the floor structure (be it screed, stone, floor coverings, asphalt, coating or sealing) has to be renovated, meaning the complete installation height of the floor is removed?

In this case, the first decision is if you need a watertight profile which has to be connected to the adjacent surface sealing. In parking buildings, kitchens or swimming pool areas this is mandatory.

Are there no requirements for water tightness, the MIGUA standard profiles or heavy load profiles are an option for you. The profiles are usually doweled to the load-bearing structure/ the floor plate and adapted to the height of the floor structure.

For the dimensioning of the profile systems, information about the existing joint width, the joint movement (+/- in all three directions) and the expected load are required.

For low loads, the special case of floating installation is possible, which enables small profile heights. For high hygienic demands, for example in kitchens and hospitals, MIGUA has developed corresponding special profiles.

For separating joints or contraction joints with small movements, our ESF profiles are available. All profiles are developed for an easy and smooth roll-over. If an absolutely smooth traversability is required, e.g. for a high-bay warehouse, our vibration-free traversable profiles are just right for you.

For all profiles, formed parts, wall connections and terminations are available, so the geometry of the joint can be reflected by the profile. Particularly for annexes and extensions, profile combinations with different installation heights are available, so the expansion joint profiles can be adapted to the existing situation in the best possible way.

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