The whistleblower system of MIGUA and INDUS AG

The whistleblower system of MIGUA and INDUS AG

Whistleblower system 'SpeakUP'

Sustainable management is the basis for future perspectives for the environment, society and the economy as well as for each individual employee or business partner of MIGUA and INDUS AG, our group parent company.

The cornerstones of the INDUS culture are the division of central requirements and their independent implementation and management in the subsidiaries as well as a common understanding of values and risk minimization for sustainable corporate development.

The SpeakUp whistleblower system of MIGUA and INDUS AG establishes additional trust and security by means of a clearly defined structure for reporting and the escalation process that is accessible to everyone, thus ensuring the sustainable success of the group as well as averting damage.

If you report a grievance:

  1. We check whether the matter is covered by the Code of Conduct
  2. If so, we review the facts of the case
  3. Accused persons are informed if this is necessary
  4. You will be informed about the status of your report
  5. If your report was accurate, necessary action will be taken
  6. You will be informed of the completion to the matter you have reported
  7. You may give feedback

How you are protected (protection requires honesty)

  1. You will not suffer any disadvantages from your involvement
  2. If you report anonymously, this anonymity is protected
  3. Data protection is respected. We have compiled detailed information on data protection for you.
  4. The data protection regulations for persons concerned will of course also be complied with.

Contact data of internal contact persons:

Managing board of MIGUA Fugensystem GmbH:
+49 (0) 2058 774 68
+49 (0) 171 220 1451
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Staff association of MIGUA Fugensysteme GmbH:  
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Toll free no for Germany: 0800 180 1733 
Toll free no for United Arab Emirates: 80004412727 

Weblink: SpeakUp is accessible via a secure, external server

In case of doubt

It is not always clear whether an issue is actually in conflict with our Code of Conduct. In such cases, we encourage you to raise your concerns rather than keep them to yourself.

If you suspect a grievance

If you feel uncomfortable reporting possible wrongdoing, we offer the following tips:

> Speak up if you are concerned about something; we will listen to you,

> help us by telling us how the situation could be dealt with.

If you do not have all the facts

Keep in mind that our goal is to ensure that our shared Code of Conduct is followed by everyone, so that we can all get along better; therefore, we encourage you to voice your concerns even if you don't have all the facts. Please do not attempt to gather facts on your own, but leave this to experienced reviewers if necessary, unless you are formally involved in the review.

If you are aware of a situation or behaviour which could

> could endanger the health or safety of a person or product; or

> that looks to you like a breach of the law for which someone could go to prison, such as fraud, theft, bribery or corruption, competition offences, etc.

then you must report them. You must not keep such facts to yourself, as this can have serious consequences.

If you decide to report a grievance

Please provide as much detailed information (facts) as you can to enable us, as outsiders, to properly assess the facts. Such information could be, for example: What did you observed, background, names, dates, locations, reasons for your concern, etc.

Information to external third parties

If, after conscientious internal processing and assessment of the facts, you still believe that their handling is not in the best interest of the company or the various stakeholders, you are free to consider informing outside third parties in this regard. Third parties may also be involved if the matter you are observing is a matter of concern to the general public or if it is a legal requirement.

However, a report to outside third parties should only be made if it is appropriate to the facts of the case and other possibilities have been exhausted. In this respect, we encourage you to approach your local or INDUS contacts, use the SpeakUp hotline and ponder the need to report to third parties.

The procedure described here is a recommendation. It does not prohibit you, for example, from reporting possible breaches of the law to the competent authorities. Of course, no prior permission is required to do so. Nevertheless, we encourage you to report your concerns through the reporting channels / contacts known to you or the SpeakUp hotline. You have our assurance that your concerns will be taken seriously and handled professionally with the necessary care.

Should you require any further information, we have set up a compilation of FAQs.