Our Service makes the difference

To guarantee the success of your construction project, we provide a wide variety of services ranging from expert consulting and technical guidance on site to full installation. Because we know that the requirements
for expansion joints are just as unique as the buildings they support, we can also develop a customised expansion joint solution to suit your needs.

This is what we call the MIGUA 360° Service.

Our Service makes the difference

01 Drafting
Detail drawings for planners,
structural engineers and

02 Measuring
Precision measuring on site

03 Consulting
Support with selection and
application of our products

04 Estimation
Assessment of required sizing of our joint
systems and finite element calculations

05 Guidance
Detailed explanations of joint model selection,
features and installation method

06 Construction Site Briefing
Demonstration of the installation process on

07 Supervision
Support during construction work on site

08 Installation
Provision of full installation service
using selected contractors

09 Customised product development
Development of new joint models
according to individual customer