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The design evolution
for expansion joint covers
made by MIGUA

Everything is in motion.

With the agglomorated technical knowledge of our development team and the design vision of our industrial designers, we have set out on the road and subjected the joint covers of our MIGUTRANS series to a design evolution.

An exciting process, which we continuously coordinate with our MIGUA architectural panel. The MIGUA architectural panel is a group of architects and designers with different focal points, who constructively and critically accompany our product and service innovations and thereby decisively improve our developments with their very specific perception.

You may spot our new design generation of FS joint covers by the 'X' behind the cover denomination.

The MIGUA Design Evolution

The MIGUA Design Evolution

The results:

  • The MIGUA mounting matrix ®
    The newly thought-out, flexible fastening (the design of the cover leg is registered as a German trademark)

  • The surface
    New, clear design pattern, consistently clear design

  • The structure
    Improved grip for even more safety, more harmonious impression

"Building services engineering always hast to meet the high design demands of building architecture in addition to functionality. Migua proves in a seemingly inconspicuous product segment that a high technical standard can go hand in hand with consistent design and attention to detail", says Prof. Gert Trauernicht of squareone GmbH


Prof. Dr. Trauernicht

Photo courtesy of squareone GmbH

Showing your colours – for more freedom of design

Showing your colours – for more freedom of design

Moving on to new pastures – or to new design possibilities!

Selected expansion joint covers can now be integrated into your projects in different colour shades. This gives you even more freedom of design when working with expansion joint covers.

Initially available in four colour shades, we now offer you the possibility of defining homogeneous surfaces.

And if these do not match your current project, we will be happy to find the right colour shade together with you on request.

Whether tone-in-tone with the adjacent floor covering or deliberately contrasting colours for an additional effect – it's all your choice …

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